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Paraguay Resolved War Exercises

Check out our list of exercises with answers on the Paraguayan War theme.

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1. In 1865, the Triple Alliance agreement united which countries for the war against Paraguay?

a) Brazil, Argentina and England
b) Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
c) Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia
d) Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia
e) Argentina, Uruguay and England

2. The participation of the British Empire in the conflict is sized differently by historians. What is the name of the English traveler and observer who, from 1868 to 1869, wrote the "Letters of the Battlefield of Paraguay"?

a) Francis Bacon
b) David Livingstone
c) Robert Burton
d) Herodotus
e) Richard Francis Burton

3. "The war has wiped out nearly a generation of Paraguayans, razed villages, fortifications and mortgaged the future of the ruined nation," wrote Argentine Alejandro Maciel in "The Book of the Great War." Check the incorrect alternative:

a) After the victory over Paraguay, the Brazilian army was strengthened and the monarchy weakened
b) The war imposed a strong demographic retraction on Paraguay.
c) The Brazilian Army needed to form the "Volunteers of the Fatherland" corps for the Paraguayan War
d) In 1864, Paraguayan dictator Francisco Solano López supported the Brazilian intervention in Uruguay
e) Paraguay had industries and railroads, had nationalized the economy and did not depend on foreign resources

4. There were dozens of battles, with thousands of casualties between soldiers and civilians. In which battle was Francisco Solano López killed in 1870?

a) From Cerro Corá
b) Riachuelo's
c) Curupaytí's
d) Tuiuti's
e) The one of Lomas Valentinas

5. The military man who commanded the forces of the three countries against Paraguay received decades later the title of “patron of the Brazilian Army”. Who was him?

a) General Osorio
b) Admiral Barroso
c) Duke of Caxias
d) Bartholomew Miter
e) Marquis of Tamandaré

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