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Greek mythology

Greek mythology

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The Greeks were polytheistic, that is, they worshiped various gods, believing that these gods were human in form, though they were more beautiful and powerful than men, immortal and possessed of magical powers.

The Greek gods also revealed qualities and defects similar to those of humans: they fell in love, suffered, knew adventures and misadventures and the Greeks spoke of them as if they were people: they told the story of their life, their struggles, their feelings…

The whole of the wonderful stories of the life of the Greek gods and heroes is called mythology.

To the Greeks, the gods were descended from earth - Gaia - and from heaven - Uranus - and bore great resemblance to men.

Mount Olympus is the highest point in all of Greece, with an altitude of 2 917m. In ancient Greece, it was considered the home of the important gods. History has it that the entrance to Olympus was through a gate made of clouds, perhaps attributable to the fact that the summit of the mountain, due to its altitude, was always covered with clouds.



Gods - Symbology



Father of the gods, son of Kronos and Reia. Zeus's wife was his sister Ivy. It is also designated by Father, Tonante and Jove. He was depicted as a strong, bearded man of majestic appearance with a lightning bolt in his hand over an eagle.



Daughter of Zeus and Dione. It is the goddess of love and beauty. Hephaestus received her as his wife, but she, unable to be faithful to him, sought the love of Ares, from whom she had Eros. He also loved Hermes, Dionysus, Ankises (from whom he had Aeneas) and Adonis.



God of war, present in all combat. He was represented as a fully armed warrior accompanied by a rooster. Faithful in love with Venus.


God of the arts. The most revered god after Zeus. It is identified with the Sun - hence also called Phoebus (bright) - and the cycle of the seasons…



Daughter of Zeus and the sister of Apollo. Goddess of hunting and chastity is represented in a chariot, drawn by doe, armed with bow and arrows with arrows and a half moon over the head.



Goddess of Wisdom and just war had a peaceful disposition, representing the preponderance of reason and spirit over the irrational impulse. Protecting Goddess of Athens and other cities in Attica. It is believed that she was originally the serpent goddess of Crete. Warrior image with helmet, spear, shield and armor.


God of the winds



God of the seas was the son of Kronosgod of time and Reia, goddess of fertility and brother of Zeus and Hades. He is depicted as a strong, white-bearded man with a trident in his hand and accompanied by dolphins and other marine animals.



God of fire. Patron of blacksmiths and artisans in general, according to legend, he is responsible for spreading the art of using fire and metallurgy. He was usually depicted as a bearded middle-aged man dressed in a sleeveless tunic and a cap over his tousled hair.

Greek heroes

In addition to the various gods whom they worshiped and worshiped, there are also many stories about Greek heroes who performed the most fearless feats and engaged in the most exciting adventures.


It was the strongest warrior of the Greeks. Son of a man (Peleus) and the goddess Tethys. When he was born his mother plunged him into the waters of a river that protected all parts of his body bathed by the waters. But as her mother caught him by the heel, it was only this vulnerable part of her body. He died in the Trojan assault, pierced by an arrow that dug into his heel.


Very strong Greek hero faced twelve difficulties, known by the twelve works of Hercules.

Already are

He led the expedition of the argonauts in search of the “golden fleece” and faced immense dangers and adventures.


Son of Zeus, married Andromeda. On his return trip from Ethiopia, he turned his companions to stone by showing them the Gorgon's head.


King of Thebes deciphered the sphinx puzzle. Unknowingly killed his father and married his own mother. Later, when he learned what he had done, he blinded himself not to contemplate the horror he had committed.


The Minotaur that was the monster that existed in the maze of Crete with the help of Ariadne defeated.


Animals and mythological monsters


Half man, half horse.


Giant creatures with an eye in the middle of the forehead


Half bull, half man guarded Crete's maze


Winged horse

Mythological legends


Daedalus built the labyrinth of Crete where the Minotaur (half monster half man) lived. It required human sacrifices whose victims were Athenian girls. Theseus entered the maze with the help of Ariadne's wire, having killed the Minotaur.


Drinking water from a fountain saw his image reflected and fell in love with himself. Unable to satisfy her passion, she died of disgust and her body became the flower that bore her name.


He was condemned by the gods to carry a rock on his back on a hill. When it reached the rock, it slipped off his shoulders and rolled to the bottom of the hill. Sisyphus had to go get it again. I was condemned to do this forever.


He was condemned by the gods to be eternally hungry and thirsty. He was chained to a tree and the fruit would come down until it was within reach, but when he reached out to pick it up, the fruit would run away. In the same way, the place where he was was flooded with water and when he tried to drink the water would slip out of his reach.