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Black Awareness Day - November 20

Black Awareness Day - November 20

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VNovember is National Black Awareness Day. The date - turned into National Day of Black Consciousness by the Unified Black Movement in 1978 - was not chosen at random, but in honor of Zombie, Quilombo de Palmares's top leader and symbol of black resistance, murdered on November 20, 1695.

This date is regulated by Law No. 10,639 of January 9, 2003, which included November 20 in the school calendar, the date we commemorate National Black Awareness Day. The same law also made compulsory teaching about Afro-Brazilian History and Culture. In schools, classes on the following themes: African and African History, Black Struggle in Brazil, Brazilian Black Culture and the Black in the Formation of National Society, will help to rescue the contributions of black people in the social, economic and political areas throughout the year. of the history of the country.

Celebrating the National Day of Black Consciousness on this date is a way of honoring and keeping alive in our memory this historical figure. Not only the image of the leader, but also his importance in the struggle for the liberation of slaves, realized in 1888.


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