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Chinese Civilization (continued)

Chinese Civilization (continued)

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  • Fenghuang - Fenghuang is considered the Chinese phoenix.
  • Jian: Jian is a mythical bird believed to have only one eye and one wing: a pair of these birds depends on each other, so it is inseparable to represent the husband and wife.
  • Jingwei: Jingwei is the mythical bird that tries to fill the ocean with sticks and pebbles. In fact Jingwei was the daughter of Emperor Yandi, but died young, drowned in the East Sea. After his death she decided to be reborn as a bird to take revenge on the sea by bringing twigs and pebbles from nearby mountains trying to fill it to prevent its tragedy from happening to others.
  • Jiu Tou Niao: It is a nine headed bird used to scare children. Legend has it that she kidnaps young girls and takes them to her cave where they stay until being saved by a hero.
  • Su Shuang It is a mythological bird, also described as a water bird.
  • Peng: The Peng is a giant mythological bird of impressive flying power.
  • Zhu - The bird Zhu is taken as a bad omen.


The Chinese dragon is one of the most important creatures in Chinese mythology. It is considered the most powerful and divine creature and is believed to be the regulator of all waters.

The dragon symbolized great power and was the support of heroes and gods. One of the most famous in Chinese mythology is Yinglong. It is said to be the god of rain. People from different places pray to him to receive rain. In Chinese mythology, it is believed that dragons can create clouds with their breath. Chinese people often use the expression "descendants of the dragon" as a symbol of their ethnic identity.

  • Yinglong - is a powerful servant of Huangdi. Legend has it that Yinglong helped a man named Yu stop a Yellow River flood by opening channels with his tail.
  • Dragon Kings - Dragon kings are the four rulers of the four oceans (each corresponds to a cardinal point). They live in crystal palaces on the bottom of the sea from where they govern animal life.
  • Fucanglong - is a dragon from the underworld who guards the buried treasures. Its exit from the earth causes the eruption of volcanoes.
  • Shenlong - is a dragon that can control the winds and the rains.
  • Dilong - is the dragon of the earth.
  • Tianlong “Tianlong are the heavenly dragons that pull the chariots of the gods and guard their palaces.
  • Li - Li is a minor sea dragon. It has no horns.
  • Jiao - Jiao is another hornless dragon that lives in swamps. The most inferior dragon.


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