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Brazilian territory formation (continued)

Brazilian territory formation (continued)

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Brazil's territorial boundaries, defined in 1904, still apply today. The division of states, however, has changed.

Source: Adapted from Manoel Maurício de Albuquerque and others. Historical school atlas. Rio de Janeiro, FAE, 1986. p.16 and 30.

The maps show the Brazilian territory at five different times during its formation process, which lasted four centuries. This means that on several occasions Brazil has incorporated and also lost land and the boundaries of its territory have varied.

Comparing the territory of Brazil in the sixteenth century with the current one can see that the territory has increased. The Brazilian territory did not form overnight.

It was a long process. This includes the slow occupation of the territory by the Portuguese, the struggles between them and the native peoples, the dispute over land with invaders and the pursuit of wealth.