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Captain's Inspection on USS Cleveland (CL-55), 28 March 1944

Captain's Inspection on USS Cleveland (CL-55), 28 March 1944

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Captain's Inspection on USS Cleveland (CL-55), 28 March 1944

Here we see the USS Cleveland (CL-55), name ship of the Cleveland class of light cruisers, undergoing a Captain's Inspection on 28 March 1944. This splendid aerial photo of the Cleveland gives us a clear view of her layout, with her main 6in guns in four triple gun houses and a secondary armament of dual purpose 5in guns in six twin gun houses - one fore, one aft and two on each side of the superstructure. We also see her seaplane at the stern, and of course her crew, lined up neatly around her decks.

The Cleveland took part in the invasion of Emirau Island from 17-23 March 1944 , and then returned to Sydney for a month long refit. This picture was thus probably taken either just before her arrival at Sydney, or soon afterwards.

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