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Ernesto Geisel

Ernesto Geisel

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Gaucho military (1907-1996). Fourth President of the Republic after the military coup of 1964, governs between 1974 and 1979.

Ernesto Geisel (3/8 / 1907-12 / 9/1996) is born in Bento Gonçalves, son of Bavarian Germans, Lutheran Protestants. He studied at the Military College of Porto Alegre, where he graduated in 1924 as the first student in the class. He pursues his military career and arrives as a brigadier general in 1960. Promoted as general general in November 1964, he is head of the Military House under the Castello Branco government. In 1969 he assumed the direction of Petrobras and, five years later, the Presidency of the Republic. During his rule, he faces the end of the so-called economic miracle, with growth slowing and inflation rising. To overcome this unfavorable situation, aggravated by the expressive victory of the opposition in the 1974 parliamentary elections, it presents its project of "slow, gradual and secure" political opening. In the 1976 elections, the political debate on radio and TV with the Falcon Law was prevented. In 1977 he changed the electoral rules by decreeing the so-called April Package, which increases the presidential term from five to six years, maintains indirect elections for governor and creates the figure of the bionic senator, also indirectly chosen to guarantee the government the necessary parliamentary majority. . He ends his term by sending Congress a constitutional amendment that ends Institutional Act No. 5. He dies in Rio de Janeiro.