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Fernão Dias Paes Leme

Fernão Dias Paes Leme

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Paulista Bandeirante (1608-1681). Commander of the famous Emerald Flag.

Fernão Dias Paes Leme (1608-1681) is probably born in the village of São Paulo do Piratininga, a descendant of the first settlers of the captaincy of São Vicente. From 1638 it opened the sertões of the present states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, reaching Uruguay. In 1661 it settles on the banks of the Tietê river, near the village of Parnaíba, and manages a village with about 5,000 enslaved Indians. In July 1674, he left São Paulo in front of the emerald flag, which includes son-in-law Manuel da Borba Gato and his sons Garcia Rodrigues Pais and José Dias Pais. The latter conspires against his father, who orders him to be hanged as an example. The expedition reaches the north of Minas Gerais, and for over seven years the Girl Scout explores the valleys of the rivers of Mortes, Paraopeba, Velhas, Aracuaí and Jequitinhonha. You find tourmalines, which for the green color confuses with emeralds. Dies of malaria, when returning to Sao Paulo.