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Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II

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Queen of the United Kingdom (21/4 / 1926-). Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of Windsor is born in London and receives careful education, mainly studying history, languages ​​and music. In 1936 he becomes heir to the throne when his uncle, King Edward VIII, in order to marry a divorced American, abdicates the throne in favor of Elizabeth's father, Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, Duke of York, which reigns under the name of George VI.

In 1947 he married Philip of Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh and distant cousin. George VI is in poor health and from 1951 his daughter represents him on official appointments. In 1952 he dies and the following year she is crowned and goes on a six-month trip through the Commonwealth, a group of countries that make up the British Empire.

During his reign, the process of emancipation of numerous colonies takes place, which, although acquiring independence, remain linked to the British Community. India is the first to become independent in 1947. In 1948 is the turn of Burma and Ireland; in 1961 South Africa gained autonomy; in 1972, Pakistan.

A modern queen, Elizabeth II allows royal home life to be filmed for the first time in 1970 and accepts her sister's divorce in 1978. She has four children: Prince Charles, heir to the throne, Princess Anne, and Princes Andrew and Edward.