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Comprising 102 municipalities, Alagoas is located to the east of the Northeast, with Pernambuco to the north and northwest, Sergipe to the south, Bahia to the southwest and Atlantic Ocean to the east. Currently, the fastest growing economic activity in the state is tourism, being the capital Maceió one of the most visited in the northeast. Other activities that play an important role in the economy of Alagoas are:

  • Agriculture: Growing products such as pineapple, coconut, sugar cane, beans, tobacco, cassava, rice and corn.
  • Livestock: Equine, cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep and pig breeding.
  • Extractivism: mineral reserves of rock salt, natural gas, and petroleum.
  • Industry: sugar and alcohol production, cement and food processing.

For a long time, agriculture was the main activity of the economy of Alagoas, but today represents only 10.3% of it. This reduction occurred because the government in the 1960s began to diversify investments, applying to rock salt exploration and oil production.

Coat of arms
Alagoas, Radiant Star… +
Total area
27,767,661 km²
3,322,820 inhabitants


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