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Cold War Quiz

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From the Red Scare to the Prague Spring – test your knowledge on the Cold War.
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Dan sat down with Simon Reid-Henry to discuss the evolution of western democracy across the world from the early 1970s to present day.

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The Cold War 02

See how much you know about the Cold War in this KS3 History quiz. Behind the 'Iron Curtain', Stalin's Soviet Union controlled Eastern Europe by various means - secret police, murders of political opponents and a one-party (Communist) state. A common punishment was to send political prisoners to work in the salt mines in Siberia. Conditions there were very harsh and many people sent there died.

The Soviets built up their stock of arms and had a huge army. This was a great worry to the western democracies. Most countries did not have sufficient soldiers or weapons to stand up to a Soviet invasion. This lead to the formation of NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The alliance guarantees that if one country is attacked, the others will all come together to help. The communist nations formed their own alliance called the Warsaw Pact. After the end of the Cold War, many of the former Eastern Bloc countries have now joined NATO. The first three of these were Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The Influential People From WWII Quiz

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The Cold War 03

Try our third KS3 History quiz on the Cold War. The two superpowers of the Cold War, the USA and USSR, both liked to demonstrate their power. They became involved in several 'races'. In the arms race, they developed ever more powerful nuclear weapons, including the H-bomb (hydrogen bomb). This was far more destructive than the first nuclear bombs. In the space race, the two powers fought to be the first to put a satellite into orbit, then a person and finally to land people on the Moon.

During the Cold War, and thanks to the arms race, there was always the threat of a nuclear war. There were several major incidents like the Suez Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Any one of these could easily have led to nuclear bombs being dropped and ICBMs (inter-continental ballistic missiles) being launched. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy set up a direct telephone line between the US and Soviet governments for better and faster communications to take place.

Hot Wars

Sometimes the Cold War enemies did engage in “shooting wars,” though almost always through surrogates. Only in the Korean War did the United States and its allies, operating under the banner of the United Nations, directly engage in a “hot” war with either of the communist giants. In this case North Korea was supplied and advised by the Soviet Union, and the forces of the People’s Republic of China joined the fight. In the Vietnam War, the United States, aided by South Korea and Australia, among others, took up the cause of the South Vietnamese in the name of the Domino Theory against communist North Vietnam, which was supported by China and especially the Soviet Union. In Afghanistan the roles were reversed, as the United States provided military aid that was covert in name only to mujahideen who fought against the country’s communist government and the Soviet troops who had invaded in support of it.

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Cold War Quiz - US History STAAR EOC

This is a 20 question standards-based quiz. Many questions use primary sources and skills practice such as: political cartoons, photographs, excerpts, diagrams and maps.

To be used in conjunction with the essential Cold War Review

. Quick, no prep quiz to help students prepare for the US History STAAR test (11th grade). All questions are TEKS aligned.

Key Words: STAAR, US History, World History, Test Prep, Quiz, Assessment, Primary Source, Korean War, Vietnam War, EOC

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The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Two “superpowers”—the United States and the Soviet Union—emerged from the devastation of World War II. Mistrust, fear, and deep ideological differences between the two nations led to a Cold War that lasted more than forty years. The geopolitical struggle, and the underlying threat of nuclear confrontation, drew in much of the world, directly and indirectly, and had wide-ranging consequences at home and abroad. This course will provide an overview of the origins and consequences of the Cold War both globally and domestically, spanning from the end of World War II through the collapse of the Soviet Union. We will conclude our course with a special guest who will discuss what it was like to live in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The videos featured in this Cold War course were created and produced by

Intended Audience

This course is for middle and high school students (grades 6–12).


Origins of the Cold War

Recording from Monday, April 5, 7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. ET

The Cold War Fear at Home: McCarthyism and Space

Recording from Monday, April 12, 7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. ET

The Cold War Gets Hot: Korea, Berlin, and Cuba

Recording from Monday, April 19, 7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. ET

The Arms Race, Concluding Years, and Legacy

Recording from Monday, April 26, 7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. ET

Meet Your Teacher

Joe Welch, an American history teacher from suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was recognized as the 2018 National History Teacher of the Year by the Gilder Lehrman Institute. During this school year, Joe was also honored as the 2020 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, 2019 National Middle Level Educator of the Year, and 2019 Pennsylvania Social Studies Teacher of the Year. In Summer 2019, he served as a master teacher alongside Dr. Donald Miller for The Story of World War II, a Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminar. In Spring 2020, Joe taught the Gilder Lehrman History School course Facing Crisis Head On. An Apple Distinguished Educator and National Board Certified Teacher, Joe is a strong believer in bringing diverse stories, personal emotions, and community connections into his lessons as well as fostering excitement for high-quality, engaging history education.

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Cold War

Conflicts of national interest caused the World War II alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union to be replaced by a Cold War that lasted 45 years. Initially a dispute over the future of Europe, it grew to include confrontations around the world. Following the Casablanca Conference at the height of World War II unity in 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt assured the American people that any thought of a breakup of the wartime alliance with the Soviet Union was simply Nazi propaganda:

In an attempt to ward off the inevitable disaster, the Axis propagandists are trying all of their old tricks in order to divide the United Nations. They seek to create the idea that if we win this war, Russia, England, China, and the United States are going to get into a cat-and-dog fight. This is their final effort to turn one nation against another in the vain hope that they may be settling with one or two at a time -- that any of us may be so gullible and so forgetful as to be deuped into make "deals" at the expense of our allies.

Cold War Quiz Game

Review the Cold War by playing a quiz game. Students can play this game in teams or individually.

Zip file includes PDF, 1997-2003 PowerPoint Show, 2010 PowerPoint Show. The files may not be edited.

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