Cultural Aspects of the Midwest Region (continued)

Cultural Aspects of the Midwest Region (continued)

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Dances and music


It is a folk dance that is part of traditional festivals and religious celebrations. It is danced by men, women and even children, to the sound of trough viola (instrument typical of the region and recognized as a national heritage), ganzá and owl. When dancing, the dancers seem to be playing indigenous jokes.

Siriri - Typical Midwestern Dance


Folk dance, danced exclusively by men, to the sound of the owl guitar, the reco-reco and the ganzá, as well as the challenge of the repentistas - inheritance of São Paulo migrants. Also of religious character, it is present especially in the feasts of the Divine Holy Spirit.

Cururu - dance and thunder - is part of Midwestern folklore


Country music is the main mark of musical expression of the Midwest Region. In addition to it, the rasqueado and guarânia are also present in the region.

Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano is a Brazilian country duo formed by brothers Mirosmar José de Camargo and Welson David de Camargo, from Rio do Peixe Chapel, Pirenópolis district, in the state of Goiás.


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