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Illustrated History - Discovering Brazil to Hereditary Captaincy (continued)

Illustrated History - Discovering Brazil to Hereditary Captaincy (continued)

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The squadron continues the trip to India on day 2.

On April 26, the first mass is celebrated in the territory.

From 1530, effective colonization began, with the expedition of Martim Afonso de Sousa, whose effects were the best recognition of the land, the introduction of sugarcane cultivation.

Portugal, fearing that its new territory had been invaded, in 1534, by means of Dom Joao III, ordered the division of the Brazilian territory into 15 bands of land, beginning at the coast and ending in line with the Treaty of Tordesillas, a form that had been made in the Atlantic Islands. . This division of land was named after Hereditary captaincies.

Map illustrating hereditary captaincies

Map illustrating treaty of Tordesillas


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