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1 - Temple of Athena on the Acropolis of Athens. (Horizontal)

2 - According to mythology, he taught humans to use fire. (Vertical)

3 - A monster that lived in a maze on the island of Crete. (Horizontal)

4 - Known Greek tragedy written by Euripeds. (Horizontal)

5 - Stories about the origin and life of gods and heroes. (Vertical)

6 - Stories in order to convey a teaching. (Vertical)

7 - God to whom every four years the Olympic Games were dedicated. (Horizontal)

8 - Theater genre much admired by the Greeks. (Horizontal)

9 - Important Greek historian who wrote about the wars between Greeks and Persians. (Vertical)

10 - Famous sculptor of ancient Greece. (Vertical)

11 - Hero worshiped by the city of Athens. (Vertical)

12 - Ruler of Athens in the so-called Golden Age. (Horizontal)