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Summary - Russian Revolution of 1917

Summary - Russian Revolution of 1917

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1) Tsarist Russia

- Backward economy (80% agriculture)
- Poverty and misery in the countryside
- Absolutist Government of Tsar Nicholas II
- Bloody Sunday: Tsar's repression of the popular movement (1905)

2) Russia in the First War

- failure, damage and popular dissatisfaction

3) Strikes, riots and demonstrations

- Tsar Nicholas falls in 1917

4) October Revolution of 1917

- Lenin in the power of Russia
- “peace, earth, bread and freedom”
- implementation of socialism in the division of land, workers-controlled factories, nationalized banks
- Russian exit from World War I in 1918

5) Formation of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

- economic and military power
- Improvements in living conditions
- Lack of democracy and PC repression